CuePoint Navigation vs. CueSegment Navigation

Having problems throwing up a talking head slide show in MX2004 Pro.

  1. The slider works going forwards, but not going backwards
  2. The buttons seeking slides work going forward, but not going backwards

After talking with tech support, it seems the problem is with how they set up CuePoint navigation. Basically, a single time point = cue point triggers an event, which is a slide change. This is triggered from left to right in time, but not going the other way.

A slide show requires a different action script; however. It is not cue points that are linked with slides, but SEGMENTS in time are linked with STATES that correspond with a certain slide being in place.

Is there an action script expert out there who could help me program this into a slider that really works, going backwards and forwards?

If that is too ambitious, how can I subtract 300 milliseconds from q.time?

This will at least, hopefully, make the slide buttons work, since they will seek to a time point slightly before the actual cue point.