Seek Bar w/FLV cue points to drive presentation issue

I have to create a presentation that is driven by a video of a speaker which drives the updates to the slides on the screen. I’ve created a basic Flash file with frame labels for each slide, matching them up with the slide numbers as cue points in the FLV. I was trying to use Dann Carr’s Video Spearker presentation as a starting point: [COLOR=#800080] … preso.html[/COLOR]

I can get the presentation to work linearly, meaning, as the video plays straight through, the code syncs up the slides as the cue points are hit. The problem is, I need to have the scrubber bar work so that if a person scrubs forward or back in time, the correct slide appears. I’m assuming it’s some sort of findPreviousCuePoint?

I don’t have the exact code here, as I work at a site with no internet access during the week (painful I know!) But here’s the snippets I was using from Dan’s code. Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated. I think it’s just a simple 3 line function code bit that I need but it’s just not coming to me.

code example:

function seekToCuePoint( cueName ) : void
// Find the cue point in the FLVPlayback component, seek
// to time
var c = display.findCuePoint( cueName );
display.seekSeconds( c.time );


function synchVideoToInterace( cueName:String ):void
// Play if needed
if(!display.isRTMP && !display.playing ){;

// Show associated content on screens or labeled frames
gotoAndStop( cueName );

function cuePointHandler( evt:MetadataEvent ):void
// Get the cue name from the event object
synchVideoToInterace( );