Cure for Cancer...Here ya go!

Hey Phil,
Sorry to hear that about your father. I haven’t had a chance to read all the info from your site yet, but thanks for the info. I initially read this post when you first wrote it, but I simply didn’t know what to say…I’m sure many of the people who read are in the same boat.


Phil, I went to my local drug store and, out of curiousity, decided to look for B-17. Nothing like that anywhwere. I saw B, B-complex, B12, B50 and even B100 (no joke), but never B17. Is there a reason?

I read your thread with interest and even forwarded the info to someone in need of the knowledge. I have not been to the rest of the posts, but will visit shortly.

I believe there are cures out there that have not been revealed to us. Why? Well, that’s another huge topic. A prayer goes out there to your Dad, wherever he may be, that if he has to leave this life at some point, as we all do, that he will leave it knowing how much his son loves him.

I am sorry to hear about your father too Phil. I lost my father when I was 13. Not to cancer though, so I partially know what you are going through.

bumping this… Phil did you ever read this?

Well, Phil… perhaps you can help us all and tell us where to get B17? Is there somewhere we can order it? Can you get it?
Can someone get it and mail it to us? Thanks! As you can see, the information you have shared with us has been of interest. We would love to spread the word and the B17.