nothing too important, i was just wondering if there was some way that i could make a preloader, that would link the percent loaded to the alpha of a mc?

if any more info is needed just let me know, it seems that it should be doable, people find ways to do just about anything with flash on this forum, thanks for any help, its always appricieated, : )


Of course you can do that. If you can make a bar grow, _alpha should be a walk in the park. After all, it’s just number manipulation, nothing more…

pom :crazy:

thats what i thought, i was never good at math and all that jazz, so i normally try to figure out action script and just change simple things, and see what happens, thanks though, im quite excited about getting this website done, ill post it when its done, i just started workin on the site though. thanks again for the great help on this forum.