Currently up for 36hrs trying to work this out

Hello all,

I followed the photogallery + xml tutorial, and then I followed the tutorial for a slideshow + xml. Hey, great tutorials, the swf works great on my computer; however, when I load it onto a server the photos do not show up. I have an absolute path on the images within the xml file, but I have a feeling that I might need a relative path.

I have tried this type of xml “set-up”:
<image path=“Limages/44.jpg” />

oops,btw, I have four separate galleries, each with their own swf, xml, and photo folder. The swfs are loaded dynamically into the main.swf.

Does anyone, please, for the love of… have any suggestions or input?
I have searched all the forums and tutorials I know of to try to figure this on my own. I humble myself to seek your wisdom.
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post the files

thank you for your quick relpy Defective, I really appreciate it.
Sorry about the delay, I was having a problem uploading my fla.
you can go here to download everything:

thank you

it could also be your “.jpg”

when you upload your photos… some ftps if you are using “ftp” clients, change the format of your photos to “.JPEG” or to something else.

Make sure that the photos on your server has the same extension as the ones on your xml and flash.

it happened to me before.

hey lolomedia,
never thought about that, so I checked.
Everything is “correct” for as much as I know. =(
Thank you regardless

Flash doesn’t support .jpg’s saved with “progressive scan” or something like that. So if you have photoshop or any image program (other than paint hah) go and make sure theyre not saved as “progressive scan”. thats all i can think of - chris