i am trying to find a tutorial for flash MX to create a custom cursor…anyone know of one or can someone help me? i’d like to change the regular arrow to black and give it a drop shadow…and well thats only one case which is why a tutorial would be nice so that i can change it to other things according to the site


First follow this tutorial…

Then just add this action into the mix…


Voila, instant mouse cursor change.

merci :hat:

You can go one step further and make custom mouseover cursors.

Just use the

this.useHandCursor = false;

To get rid of the annoying hand cursor, then add add a “telltarget” statement to gotoAndStop on Frame 2 of your cursor movie clip (which will be your mouseover image).

Altogether it will look something like this…

on (rollOver) {
this.useHandCursor = false;
on (rollOut) {

Where mouseCursor is the instance name of your movie clip for a cursor. I actually didn’t test this, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

You can also follow this tutorial: :stuck_out_tongue:

Et voilà!

Yeah, I saw that one too, but I figured the first one would be a much easier method.

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