Curved, distorted text

Hi,\r\rI want to mould some text into a shape as part of a shape tween. I know how to break it apart and muck around with the individual text/letter shapes, but how do I affect the shape of the whole word, sentence etc. For example the text is on a picture of a piece of paper which I tween so it curls up…\r\rso how do I get the text to curl up to. A thousand thanks to anyone that can help.\r\rcheers\rNotNel

shape tween is a tricky animal. You will just have to try using shape hints to get the desired effect. Of course, there is also frame by frame… but that can be a bit tedious. Then again, so can shape hints! :slight_smile: \r\rGood luck!

Lucky you, we’re using MX!\r1./type your word. you need to make the letters vector graphics, so:\r2./select, hit Ctrl+B (break apart) . Result: you get one static text field per character. Keep selected\r3./Hit Ctrl+B a second time = vector; keep selected\r4./ Now comes the good news: you’re going to use the new envelope modifier in the free transform tool! So, select the ‘free transform’ tool in the toolbar, then at bottom right the envelope modifier. Move the points or handles the get your deformation! That’s it.\r\rThree tips: 1:zoom in! and 2:don’t work on a white background, use like a light grey color, so you can see the points and handles of the envelope; and 3: never unselect your text before you’re completely done!\r\rHave fun, it’s a great new feature :wink:

woohooo, thanks guys. I will try both those things ASAP. Yep, you are right about shape hints being tedious, curling paper… aaahhhhh.\r\rThe Princess Bride is a cool movie too :slight_smile: .\r\rThanks again.\r