Custom components - i must be insane to even attempt this

I did all the tutorials I could find. I tried every logical syntax I could imagine. It still don’t work.

Any super-advanced flash guru help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

I want to create a component with a variable/parameter that is a method it calls when (clicked on for example).

In “Flash UI Components.fla” the they do this and I studied the code but cant get it to work. The Push Button one has a click handler, but the way it is actually called in the script is like this:


That bracket/parenthesis thing is not working for me.
What does this mean??

I realize this is some complicated stuff. Thanks for any links or advice you can give me.

Me again…

I found some related code


Oops. pushed submit before I was done.

Anyway, that might be my problem. This code came from an adjuster component.

Im going to try some more stuff before giving up.

well, brackets are usually better than eval(), the use of eval is not recommended. but if you want to use brackets, the function can only reside in one scope. so, lets say your function sits in _root, you’d do something like this:


that should work.

Thanks for the tip. Actually, I got it working using eval(), but I’ll give it some more effort for the sake of good practice.