Custom easing tool

custom easing tool

That is dang cool. Nice work! =)

Good work there!

Impressive !

Where can we download it so it can be used within flash?

**example1: tweening movieclip properties with custom easing **

  1. adjust your easing in Custom Easing Tool (window>other panels> custom easing tool)

custom easing tool its now part or MovieClip Tweening Prototypes extension , you must install first the extension to MX 2004 (with MM extension manager 1.6) and then you can find it in menu window>other panels> custom easing tool.

laco you are just plain BRILLIANT.

Thank you!!!

hey i found this a couple of weeks ago in the exchange at macromedia, great stuff…couldn’t get the extension to work :frowning:

can you describe here your problems with extension?

oh wait now it’s working :slight_smile: great stuff!!! I still can’t figure out what the code can be used for…