Custom FLV Preloader with Component- what is AS path?

Hello, I’ve read through a bunch of threads and have been unable to figure this one out.

I’m trying to build a custom FLV preloader for the FLV PLayback component, but every thread refers to using the NetStream.bytesLoaded (non-component FLV command). What are you supposed to do when using the FLVPlayback component??

I tried this - but it didn’t work. myVideo is the FLVPlayback component.

Any help is appreciated - this is confusing stuff…

myVideo.getBytesLoaded = loadedBytes;
myVideo.getBytesTotal = totalBytes;

// button for testing
playButton.onRelease = function (){;

var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
listenerObject.cuePoint = function(eventObject:Object):Void  {
	var cuePointName =;
	// cue point start
	if (cuePointName == "start") {
		trace("flv begins playing");
		// stop playing

	} else if (cuePointName == "mid") {
		trace("mid point reached");
		// Tweens for border mc
	else if (cuePointName == "end") {
		trace("movie finished playing");
		// Tweens for border mc
myVideo.addEventListener("cuePoint", listenerObject);