FLVPlayback bytesLoaded not accessible!

Hi, I’m using FLVPlayback component to show a video from the server. On a slow connection the video takes long time in loading even if the metadata is received (i get the onMetadata event fired). But still not even single/first frame of video shows. I get a blank white screen.

Here i also tried to show a preloader till enough of the streaming is done. But i’m not able to retrieve the bytesLoaded and bytesTotal values of the video. Any idea why the below code doesnot work?

FLVPlayer.addEventListener("progress", Delegate.create(this, progressHandler));

private function progressHandler(event:Object):Void
      trace("bytes data " + event.bytesLoaded + " :" + event.bytesTotal);

I hv also tried these two but none of them work.



It seems that the progressHandler() gets never called. Can anyone tell me how can i show a preloader in the video player?