Custom In-Ear Monitors/Earphones for fellow audiophiles?

Anyone tried buying from this website? They are called Big Ear and they offer home service for molding your ears for custom in-ear monitors and then they’ll mail the product within a few weeks. They make multiple(up to 8) transducer IEMs and that’s what called my attention. They also do have instructions for DIY molding where they’ll send a molding kit then you’ll mold your ears and send back the kit with the molds… but I guess I’ll opt out on that if ever because I don’t want to F things up. LOL! Some of their products are really intriguing and of course, I’d love to know if anyone here tried their products or maybe tried products like theirs from another store. I mean, any of you got other recommendations?

By the way here’s how they look like but based on their website they also make colored ones.

A handful of my colleagues and friends have opted for specially molded headphones, so they do work if you are looking for that. As for this particular company, I don’t know much about them :slight_smile:

Hmmm. I really want a pair of custom earphones. It’s just that they are a bit too pricey for me. LOL! I’m a bit of a cheapskate for an audiophile. But I know some people who are willing to drop $500 to a grand or even more for the perfect headphones/sound system. I don’t have that much money though. :laughing:

Haha. There are many options. My Airpods (original) work more than adequately for me :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to block out external noise get a set of bluetooth Peltors… I used to use them on the MG range… There nothing more of an amp up than shooting an M2 with Tool playing in the background… You could even take them into work and make yourself hard to talk to…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My Airpods hurt my ears every time I wear them for more than an hour. I have weird angled ear canals and that’s what made me think of custom earphones. Anyway, I guess I should look for a cheaper alternative for now.

The Peltors aren’t actually custom fitted but I’ll take a look at their products. Thanks!

You’re my hero

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You a Tool fan?


I crewed these for about 10yrs until I got injured.image

They’re so much fun… like a 60t quad bike… If anyones thinking of signing up go MBT or ARVH…. you wont regret it…

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A while ago I was commanding an M88 for a drivers course (new drivers) and the driving assessor (for some stupid reason) was an Abrams troop Sgt (Master Sgt) who out ranked me (I was a Cpl).

He was also a Taylor Swift fan so for about 2 weeks I was subjected to the tay tay on the M88 internal comms system for 12hrs a day… FML… kill me… :face_vomiting:

So when Fear Inoculum smashed tay tay on the charts it was one of the happiest days of my life… :boom:

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Wow, nonstop taylor swift? That must have been a good time. When it was over, you were probably all like…

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