Customized shoe

This is what I’m trying to do : a customizable shoe. There are 3 areas of the shoe . There are also three buttons … as you press a button and the an area of the shoe the area background “changes” to that of the button.
Now I thaught of doing this in the following way :each part of the shoe has 4 different frames each with its own background, 3 corresponding to the 3 buttons and one independent state.
As you press one button and then a certain area , the movie jumps to the corresponding frame of that part of the shoe…Hoewever it does not work.

function selectPart()
currentSelection = this;
function selectColor()
if (currentSelection == null)
var _l2 = Number(this._name.slice(3));
var currentSelection = null;
c1.onPress = selectColor;
c2.onPress = selectColor;
c3.onPress = selectColor;
part1.onPress = selectPart;
part2.onPress = selectPart;
part3.onPress = selectPart;

Thank you for your help!