D' ya like this?

<embed src=“http://noapics.free.fr/EyezTransform.swf” HEIGTH=274 WIDTH=400>

And now, wrong code, lol:
<embed src=“http://noapics.free.fr/EyezTransform.swf” WIDTH=270 HEIGHT=400>

Amazing!! Did you just use one image and use Flash to program the melting/solidfying effect? Never seen anything like this before :slight_smile:


WOW…amazing!!! is there any AS involved?? or just pure frame by frame work??
good job!

c’est tres frais, eyezberg. bon marche. c’est l’Actionscript, non? s’il te plait, dit comment tu fait ca.

Same here eyezberg, if you don’t mind, I too would be interested in knowing how it is done. It is quite fascinating!

Impressive as always Mr.Freeze

Ok, folks, don’t get too exited, as I did when I 1st saw this :slight_smile:
Coz I by no means intend to take any credit for the conception of this work of art, I discovered it on www.flasher.ru, it’s by [email protected] (don’t no the geniuses name).
There’s very little sript in it, mainly a fex setProperties, the rest is all masking, skewing and some tweening, don’t know exactly yet…
If you’re interested, I make the fla available on my site?

Hey, thoripes, didn’t know you speak French, how come?
If you have stuff like this, show it!

Kirupa, how 'bout a “showcase”-section of the best Flash-FX?
Flash rules, I love it!

yeah this is my most recent work:

<embed src=http://www.danalu.com/flash/vortex.swf width=400 height=300>

eh, i was bored.

Thori, c’est tres joli!
Everybody: you can go get the fla (zipped) at:
http://noapics.free.fr/downloads/SuperImgFx.zip (direct download, just click)
dosvedanje :wink:

Hey eyezberg,
Absolutely! I would be more than happy to create a best Flash-FX section, and I can post all of you guys’s cool animations. I tried a few months ago, but I didn’t think people were interested (or they didn’t notice). I’ll put them on the site as quickly as you guys send me the SWF files!

merci, eyez.

hey krup, that’d be a great idea. it’d also be good for inspiration and such. go for it!

i am new at flash, but i’d like to add stuff. it would make you all feel awsome!

Kirupa, when you’re ready to go, start a new thread on that to let us know everything (max size, what you’d like to be sent, etc etc…)
Would you include a link to download the fla (if that possible)?
And do you want comments, or just the swfs?
Just do it, as someone :wink: says…