Damn flash!

i really get frustrated wiuth this dman program… its not easy to use like 3dsmax =] ok here’s my beef… i have some buttons… kewl huh? but i am totally unable to add frame actions, object actions or ANYTHING to it when i edit the button. the button graphic is an image i drew… then scanned into the comp… traced bitmap… etc. i can provide the fla or something if ya need it, but i would prefer not giving it out to the world =]

Let me take a look at it

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I’ll eat it once I give it back to you. :slight_smile:

I didn’t really understand exactly what you mean, you can only attach button actions (not frame or whatever) to a button, and in order to do that, the button must be on stage and selected. No actions inside the button itself are possible, if that’s your point…

You can add frame actions to frames, button actions to buttons and so on…