Dan Update!

COLOR=blackSo the rumors are true…[/COLOR]

COLOR=blackI have betrayed the human world and converted into a digital emoticon. Over the past few years I have been in awe and admiration of their ability to create any emotion out of a 20 x 20 pixel Pacman based imagery. Through my discourse as a famished and penniless college student I have been able to survive and go on through the contribution of emoticons everywhere. The inability to have a miniature version of my emotional self was quite a bamboozlement placed on me from the day I was born. This implausible dream became known to me in the year 2000 when I found the Kirupa forum. I was sucked into a world of sugar coated stop() actions, candle apple transitions, and mouth watering vectors. But the mere enjoyment of this would not be possible if I were unable to exhibit my delight through the magical eight original emoticons on Kirupa’s forum. Since this time the users have developed a time-honored collection of over one hundred emoticons; including, but not restricted to: Sadness :sad: , Age :elderly: , Sarcasm :sure: , Romance :love: , Happiness :smiley: , Confusion :puzzled: , Anger :scream: , and even Bad Hair days :hr: . This brought me to my eager and strenuous pursuit to become an emoticon. Through the heavy aid of the Adobe Photoshop CS4 file conversion software, one Guitar Hero guitar, three episodes of Seinfeld, twelve Sugar-Free Rockstars, and a Colin Moock AS7.4 program my dream finally became reality! I chose to take advantage of the perfect emoticon: [/COLOR]


COLOR=blackFeel free to use me every secret agent, formal meeting, or professional dress post/reply.[/COLOR]

COLOR=blackOn a less serious note! College has been going great. I graduate soon with a B.S. in Accounting. I am taking my LSAT in June and applying to Law Schools around that time. Because of all of this I have been extremely busy and have avoiding the web design world. I feel bad for leaving you all in the dust with my lack of activity. I just built a new laptop and have just about finished Colin Moock’s most recent AS3 book. So there may be a chance that I will return to the Flash Help forums, but until then I’ll have to hang out more here and in Random. I’m still trying to get my hands on that epic Adobe CS4 Suite. Academic version is a much better price so I will consider that. Just wanted to let you all know I’m still around and I hope everything is going great for all of you.[/COLOR]