Data getting populated to datagrid without adding!

I dont know how but my datagrid is being populated with 3 radiobutons automatically when actually I have not added any data to it
Please help
Here is the actionscript code

import mx.controls.gridclasses.DataGridColumn;
mi_grid.columnNames = [“tname”,“pname”,“lov”];
var col:mx.controls.gridclasses.DataGridColumn;
col = mi_grid.getColumnAt(0);
column.width = 140;
column.headerText = “Team Name”;
//var delta = mi_grid.width-totalWidth-18;
col = mi_grid.getColumnAt(1);
col.width = 140;
col.headerText = “Product Name”;

col = mi_grid.getColumnAt(2);
col.width = 200;
col.headerText = “LOV”;
//mi_grid.setStyle(“alternatingRowColors”, Array(0xFFFFFF, 0xF7F7F7));
mi_grid.rowHeight = 100;
my_array = new Array();
//my_array= new Array({testDate:“EG1313”, invil1:"…", invil2:“dj pekao studio”}, {testDate:“EG1001”, invil1:"…", invil2:“none”});
//my_array= new Array({tname:“Team1”, pname:“Base 1”},{tname:“Team2”, pname:“Base 2”, lov:“0”}, {tname:“Team3”, pname:“Base 3”, lov:“0”});
//mi_grid.dataProvider = my_array;
trace(“Length of the grid:”+mi_grid.length);

Here is the

import mx.core.UIComponent;
class RadioClass extends UIComponent {
var button : MovieClip;
var listOwner : MovieClip;
var owner : MovieClip;
var getCellIndex : Function;
var getDataLabel : Function;
var i : Number;
var curr : MovieClip;

function RadioClass(){

function createChildren(Void) : Void
button = createObject(“RadioButton”, “button”, 1, {styleName:this, owner:this});
button.addEventListener(“click”, this);
// as per doumentation u need to define 4 methods here… see help
//for details
function getPreferredHeight(Void):Number {
return 16;

function getPreferredWidth(Void):Number {
return 20;

function setSize(w:Number, h:Number):Void {
// you can set size of componets u r using inside the
//RadioCell MC

function setValue(val, item, selected) : Void{
// here u get the value in val
// item returns a custom optional object which u can pass while editing
//the data grid
// selected returns selected state of cell

// THIS METHOD is called on mouse move over grid, so any thing written
//here will keep on looping. tru to write minimum code here

function click()
trace(“Button value is:”+button.value);
trace(“Owner is:”+owner);
//trace(“Owner is:”+owner.getDataLabel);
trace(“Owner is:”+owner.getCellIndex().columnIndex);
//trace(“ListOwnerData Provider:”+listOwner.dataProvider);
//trace(“Current number is:”+listOwner.SelectedIndex);
//trace(“Current number”+getCellIndex().itemIndex);

//trace(“Length of the grid is:”+listOwner.length);


trace(“Value of all other:”+listOwner.getItemAt(i).lov.value);

trace(“Button is:”+button);

Any clues?