Data tracking help

At my last job I was teamed with a developer to make this stuff work, now I’m on my own and have been tasked with creating an e-learning suite that can track quiz data. Flash Templates will not work as there is some deeper interactivity we’re creating. The interactivity is not even a problem, but having it track answers throughout is a problem.

I’ve tried deconstructing the quiz templates, but that has proved very hard. The actionscript manuals have, as usual, proved not so useful; My personal design book library goes only to 5. Is there somewhere I can go, or a book you could recommend to either learn the easiest way to script data tracking for a (very) custom quiz, or find a few source files I can tear apart and reconstruct.

Again, I am not a developer, but a Jack-of-All-Trades designer (print, html, flash) who is spreading himself mighty thin.

Thanks. This is very frustrating.