Ddr memory

my old computer used sdram memory and im thinking to upgrade it to ddr memory. but when i browsed online store on the net, it said that ddr memory ‘compatible with all ddr computers’. What does that mean? ddr computers? can all computers use ddr memory?

i dont think it is a computers as such, but you do need a DDR compatible mother board, but yeah i think you need an upgrade :beam:


uh… that mean more money :frowning:

Oh man I thought you meant DDR, dance dance rev… sorry

Might as well build something new, it’s an adventure of its own.

Its the motherboard that needs compliance. You should update from sd to ddr because it has higher bandwidth so data can be transferred faster. Upgrading to 512 ddr ram should be good enough and something like the ASUS P4P800S MOTHERBOARD should be fine.

:lol: Wow grinch, DDR has taken over your mind or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah it has actually.
I’ve been playing it all day long, for hours, on controller or pad :wink: Girl you gotta see me