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I banned him about an hour ago…but he will be unbanned soon, then you can ban him like you said, tomorrow at noon!

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Hey Phil. Nice to see you around.

I’m on the case about Thailand. What I can tell you right now:
Will you be happy? Yes. Especially if you stay in Phuket. Beautiful place, really, even though there’s much better.
Job? No idea. But one thing I noticed there: everybody seems to have a satisfying job, food in their plate and a smile on their faces.
House? No idea.
American? It is others that should beware of Americans, not the opposite… :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

Are you serious about that?

Sigh, guess I should have added that along with the names that people cannot register. My bad :frowning:

Kirupa :x

English is fine. Remember that Thailand is a very touristic country and if they don’t speak the language of Shakespear well, they do speak it. And other thing, they love your money, especially in Phuket, and they don’t worry if you’re Russian, Turkish or American as long as they get paid.

You know, I was wondering recently if it wouldn’t be good for me to try and find an internship in Thailand :slight_smile: Everything is so cool there, you can’t imagine…

pom :asian:

Hey Phil,
I’m glad that my 1000th post is for you :slight_smile:

Hmm… How can I describe Phuket… Crystal blue see, white sand, coconut trees. It’s just like in the movies, man. With the tourists and all. A friend of mine swore me that you can find some nice quiet beaches there, but it’s getting more and more difficult unfortunately…

The weather? Perfect until 11, then it’s too hot if you’re not swimming until 4-5 pm. During the rain season, you can have very heavy rains, but nothing unbearable.

The price is a bit hard to assess. I sleeped in guesthouse, and you can have something totally decent for 150 bahts, that is to say around $5 a day. I don’t know about buying or retind anything. Food is nothing. A big meal for 50 Bahts, $2, fresh fruits, delicious Thai cuisine… everything is cheap.

Girls… I don’t think Phuket is the perfect place. Lots of tourists come there, so it’s not really the place where you can meet Thaïs (the one you’re going to meet want your money). I don’t know what to tell you, really. They’re adorable, extremely beautiful, but I haven’t tried anything, so I don’t really know if it can work :-\

Can I ask you why you’re thinking about leaving the US?

pom :asian:

Man oh man… That sucks :frowning: I don’t know what to say, really. Except that if the weather is the only thing that bothers you, you shouldn’t worry about that. I’m been in Washington a couple of years ago, and the weather was 100 times worse than anything I’ve seen in Thailand.

But this whole thing: is it done already? Is there nothing you can do?

pom :asian:

It would only cost $140 a month in rent to live there and only about $60 an month to eat?!! Why the hell am I frezzing my ass off in Canada when I could be living like a king in Phuket. My friend went to Thiland last year and he said he went into a bar with $20 and pretty much bought the place. Could somethig like that be true. Is the exchange rate that good?

That’s the idea, yeah… I’ll post pictures as soon as I have them developed :slight_smile:

Well the exchange rate may be good, but you gotta think that if things cost so little there, then the jobs must not pay too well. So if you are going to live there you have to realize that you will start off good, but that might fade down and you will be working as much as you did anywhere else.

Hey Ilyas, Phil is right about our government. There is no justice if you are not a multi-millionaire. The government screwed over my family multiple times, they still are actually. The only people the government care about are the people that work for it (judges, politicians…blah blah blah) and the people that can buy their way out of trouble. Even Police here can get out of trouble just because they “protect the law”. Paramedics can make a mistake and kill someone and just pass it off as a “it was too late, we couldn’t save them” and there are no questions asked. It is an extremely unfair country. Nice to visit, sucks to live in. Although if you live out in the country and not in a city, it’s not as bad for some reason.

Can’t wait to see those pictures.

Ya you would start out good and if you could do contarct web and graphic work over the internet you could live in a paradise like a king. That would be the life for me if you could get the work.

I guess I’m lucky because I live in a small city in Canada. The city I live in would be classified as a large town in the USA. The Government here isn’t too bad ( I build websites for them) also free health care and very little crime wich is great. Also because other countries ignore us nobody hates us and wants to kill us. Also with the USA so close nobody thinks to attack us. I guess I should just be happy where I am and give a big thanks to the people in the USA for helping to keep me safe. :slight_smile:

Hey Phil-
I haven’t ever talked to you personally but I’ve read all your posts and know you contribute a lot here. I did some research myself and came up with this site:


From what it says you can choose the price range, and can choose a home or business. Also, it looks like a sales rep will contact you and you will probably be able to ask him/her abuot your other questions about life in Thailand and also what licenses, if any, you will need.

Hope this helps,