Dear insaneflasher

Mostly because you’re acting very immature. There’s no need to yell. Many people come and go while posting their many questions on this board, and most dont get answered. It’s just how it works. We’ve all had our questions that didnt get answered. I’ve had a lot on here that were never answered, so I asked my friends from here on AIM, and they helped. Some just dont read the posts.

There’s no need to be snobby about it. Life does go on. And if I understood correctly, you were asking about posting your site on here. Well hey, I’ve been tryen to get myself a link on here forever. Still has yet to of happened for me :slight_smile: . I even came up with the idea of making the flashers corner where people who work on here a lot get their sites posted on the main page. I believe that was taken down, but I never got my link on there, and I thought the idea up. I never did yell or complain about it.

You’re just over reacting. And when you over react towards people for no reason, you’ll get negative things back at you.

Kirupa is a very busy man. He stops here daily and works hard to keep his site running and at number one. he may not have the time to check all posts. Hundreds of people come here asking him tons of questions every day. I myself would of given up on keeping up with everything. But he doesn’t. You should be happy enough as it is that he actually keeps his site up and running, while keeping a variety of content and continuos new tutorials on different techniques.

This is very hard to do. You shouldn’t be complaining about him over looking one small thing. He tries his best, and I believe he deserves a round of applause for his hard and constant work.

Good work kirupa. A true role model for the beginners and elite of the kind.

my thoughts exactly… and a simple answer insane… here is what kirupa posted in another topic that you have read:

"Hey insane,
You have offended many people on this board. Your material was extremely offensive and of bad taste to anyone living anywhere in the world. Please, don’t post your link, and don’t post this in the Flash 5 forum. There are places for a topic like this should belong.

I hope that helped. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
Author FrontPage 2002: ABG"

there is your answer… final

Hey R30,
Thanks for the comments. I removed the Flasher’s corner because, well, nobody clicked on them lol. The best place would be to create a sticky thread under Cool sites in which I can rotate the users and their sites.


Anytime Kirupa :slight_smile:

I agree. Insane has caused damaged and the members memories are not short. And R30, next time lets post this in the random section ^_^.

he posted it above the other post that WAS in flash 5… kirupa moved the other post but not this one. its not his fault he wanted insane to read it.