First time Using Flash

I must say I’m very impressed with this site! This is my first time using Flash and I just went through one of your Introductions and well, I loved it. Keep up the great work and thank u for offering such a great site to help people like myself out!


Hello klinkhorn,
I’m glad you like my site and thanks for the nice compliments. I really appreciate it.


What was the point of that post?

wow…you sure now how to get on some ones bad side…and it happens to be a moderator of the forum! So ask yourself this…was it fun being banned?

well after asking myself ive conlcuded that being banned isnt all its cracked up to be. alltho i enjoyed it , it just didnt give me the adrenaline rush that i always looked forward to. so in accuallity being banned is fun i just dont know if it stands up to my expectations. oh and i really like the part of being banned where im not banned at all . that must be the best thing about it

actually i was giving you 24 hours to appologize…thanks for proving my point @#%$…

sorry that im banned?

i guess im sorry for being banned… but my heart is not capable for feeling guilty of helping people. that is just not the type of person i am. sorry dan but you cant change who i am , you miust learn in life that you cant go around chagneing who people are. ill tell you something that i once learmed in elementry school , my teacher said “rhyle” ( just picture her saying dan so its more meaninfull) now she said " rhyle you cant go around changeing how people are , the amount of help they do or anything else" there is someting everyone can learn from the lesson dan learned today.

im guessing you deleted his post b4 i got to read it. Dan, as a fellow MOD on this board, I second the notion of banning him. No one likes a Troll.

no there was no post of mine that got deleted , everything i said is stiill here for u to see and judge.

what exactly did rhyle do…that is worthy of him being banned???


kirupa or rhyle deleted the post

kinda hard to ban when one’s IP keeps changing; rhyle, the reason is you are insulting many members by making ridiculous animations of them. Case in point:…=200.topic

You have also been warned several times by me and others to stop posting irrelevant messages that have nothing to do with the conversation. If you are going to add something relevant, by no means is anybody going to stop you. By posting information that annoys most people who happen by that post, you are becoming a nuisance to this community…

Just ban the name Kirupa.

Oh and Ryhle… object lesson. Your elementary school teacher is a “dumb-ass”. People are changed all the time, AND there are expectation which you must live up to in life.

this is a PRIVATE TECH community and you have proven that you have no clue how to act in accordance with that idea in mind. Good luck to you. I hope you keep flashing, and learn a little something about respect. It’s earned, not automatic.