Decent looking preloaders..........?

how do you make preloader look really good and give you info such as:-

how much is loaded
how many percent is done etc

…ive seen alot of nice ones out and i know i wont be able to mke them as good but if you could help me make one look half decent i would be happy


Hi, I just mailed you about 5 or 6 of them, if it was too much for your inbox, post back.

movies in levels have methods which you can use to get at that kind of info:


divide these puppies and multiply by 100 to get percent!

this works on internal movies but returns the same value for both methods so is not so useful.

you can get the frames loaded to but this is not as accurate a loading meter since different frames have different kb.

as for decent looking … that’s up to you!

urm sorry eyez i dint get any of them?? maybe send them one at a time and wen i get them il tell you so you can send another one! anyway cheers :slight_smile:


you asked for it, you got it. You want to learn no scripting in life… now you can get by without it. (just kidding. :slight_smile: )

1)Open this zip ( and take out the flash movie inside.

2)Open the flash movie and save it to your hard drive somewhere.

3)Inside there is a movie clip called preloaderclip. Take this clip and place it in the first frame of any animation.

It’s as simple as that… no a/s changes are required…

4)It has two functions. The first is that it stops the main time line. It detects the number of bytes of info which make up what ever movie it’s in. It displays both the total bytes of the movie, but also the number of bytes loaded, and finaly, when it sees that everything is loaded, it starts the main time line again.

Have fun with it. it’s open source, so play around… change the interface, ect.
Warning… I’ve been having some troubles moving it into files on the Mac. I can reproduce it on the Mac, but for some reason it doesn’t want to just drag and drop in from the library… so there you have the warning. Hope it works for you… if you need more explination let me know.

To see it working, click here…
… but be warned the swf which is loading is huge in order for me to see if the preloader was working… it’s just a bunch of filler picks from my colorado trip… so it’s really not worth waiting for… this is just to check out the byte’s loading function.


can you mail me a couple

[email protected]