Def-Con 11

who is going or who has been to one in the past ?

take a look at this (warning :explicit wording)hacker flyer

Hey sodium,
No, I have never been to def-con…or any computer conference haha. Most of them require one to be at least 18 or 21 to marvel at the cool computer software and hardware :frowning:

Kirupa :rambo:

i’d much rather go to an E3. too bad you need to be someone special in the gaming business (or press…). my goal in life is to go to at least one, hehe.

Yeah, I would rather go to an E3 show myself.

Haha yeah, E3 would definitely be one I would like to go to as well. Nothing beats free hardware/software and time watching the geeks play the latest games they created!

Kirupa :rambo:

And nothing beats the ability to see games ahead of time first hand and in person.

My friend John went to an E3 show, he went with his uncle. He said it is the best thing he has ever been to. Which just makes me want to go even more!

One of my work colleagues’ friends is a games tester for Electronic Arts over here in England. The lucky… so and so… gets not only to play all the latest games that EA churn out, but also to go to conferences and expos like E3.

Needless to say I hate him with a passion he can only dream of. :slight_smile: