Definitely not SOTW material...Just critics ;)

This is the site i’ve been working on a couple of days ago…Please rate it considering i’m not being paid for it, and VERY little creative freedom…>:-(
:slight_smile: hehehe

Thanx a lot for your time…:wink:

ok sorry…i forgot the url :-\
not the first neither the last one…addigitech

Well, I can rest easier knowing that you’re not being paid for that site, mangrove. :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, I could only find three things wrong: the darker blues on the top and bottom don’t match the more aqua bubble things, the popups get really annoying, and the splash page link is too small. Otherwise, nice design.

I think the blues add nice contrast, but that’s just me. To each his own, right.

The pop-ups do get annoying. A site should minimize the amount of pop-up windows if it can.

I like the picture on the side, it’s got a lot of emotion:)

ok…i changed the balls…there was nothing i coul do with the rest…the bosses want it that way…:-\

whoa, i love that layout, very awesome looking

kinda futuristic and its soo nice lookin!