Depth Problem with External MC's

Hi all,

I truly hope somebody may be able to help as I’m well and truly stuck at the moment.

Summary I have three SWF’s which comprises of a preloader.swf, and A.swf and B.swf for simplicity sake.

If you can imagine A.swf has the foreground contents and B.swf the background so ideally I would like A to sit on top of B.

In the preloader.swf I have in the first frame the following:

loadMovieNum ("B.swf", 1)

and frame #2 I have:

loadMovieNum ("A.swf", 2)

So far so good…as the foreground A.swf sits on the background B.swf. The only fly in the ointment is that in terms of the A.swf I had set a number of setMasks on the main timeline for the content…such as:

mask.duplicateMovieClip ("maskB",2);
//etc etc

Whats happened is that now none of these masks function when called from the Preloader.swf. Its as if the depths of each set mask no longer function. I’ve tested the original version and it works fine.

Now ordinarily I don’t use scenes but the external SWF preloader example that I used as my base **has the following code on both A and B.swf in the first frame!


//the usual getBytesTotal beforehand
//Scene 2 is where all the content is meant to go.
ifFrameLoaded ("Scene 2", 1) {
	  _level0.nextFrame ();

something is going wrong somewhere along the line…I’m not too sure whether the combination of codes outlined are conspiring to to turn my brain into mush!:puzzled:

Hope somebody can help me. One of the other forum boards mentioned the possibility of putting each swf into an emptyMC on its own level but alas I may have been doing something wrong because all I got was a blank test screen .

Any help would most appreciated