DepthManager Class


I’m unclear how to use the DepthManager Class(using flash 8). I have “import mx.managers.DepthManager” on my actions layer, but now what? I’ve read something about needing a component in the library or stage? I’d like to back track, to describe my problem- maybe somebody can think of a solution. I have a mc manually placed on the stage with 7 child clips in it. Each child clip has a particular stacking order, the one on top is called _global.highestLevel. Each time a child clip is pressed, it swaps depths with _global.highestLevel, so that it is now the one on top, and then, I assign it to _global.highestLevel, so that the next time a clip is clicked it swaps depths with this one. The problem is, I need the clip that was just _global.highestLevel, but not currently, to not really swapDepths, but to return to a particular order amongst the others. the others are all scaled down in size, and appear “behind” the _global.highestLevel clip. when you click one, it scales up, and takes the highest depth. so, swapping depths doesn’t really cut it… I think I need a way to keep track of all the clips depths, and to assign a new depth to each one after one is clicked. Hope this makes sense? Thanks for your help!