Design battle anyone?

I vote gizmodo…plenty of possiblities. One thing can we have a rather extended due date. I am going to try to mix this in with client work.

[size=7]BATTLE ON[/size]

Size: Any
Programs: Any
Colors: does not have to conform to current site
Treatment: please provide Black and White version and feel free to do as many treatments as you feel necessary
Logo Image:
Rounds: 1
Entrants: DDD, MutedLogic, punkerton, simplistik, VDaminator

• Open to ALL more the better
• Entrants can join until end of July
• Battle will end August 09/04

sounds fun count me in

what if we do two rounds? one strictly design(black and white) and then round two would go into treatment.

any chance of solidifying our contest now? I have limited time. But I really want to battle. You can leave the guest list open just solidify the subject.

I am going to by pass black and white and go full color treatment. If that is okay with ya’ll


well hopefully it stands I was just doodling some concept art. So if it changes I’ll just put it in the vault and use it later, but lose the contest :trout:

I’ll participate, put me on the list and if I have time I’ll do it… if I don’t… I won’t :wink:

I left the battle length long to accomodate your time.
so if you cant make the deadline…you cant make the battle…not fair to others

I think we should just keep it open for color…black and white or whatever…it would take seperate voting?..if we were to do it that way.

as important as color is I think it will just end up being part of your final piece. Not to say you would need a color piece to win, I would hope at least the voting would lend to the design more then color sceme. but who knows ;p

I will add in V and simp…are you interested mcgiver?

2 things… may sound cockish.

  1. I said if I couldn’t do it I wouldn’t which means… if I can’t make the battle I won’t, I wasn’t trying to get an extension.

  2. To accomodate my time? I could probably knock out a good logo on my lunch break but you don’t know my schedule so this may not accomodate my time.

that was addressed to DDD who stated he had “limited time”



deep breath

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… :little light headed: ahhh much better.

huzzah! now make that logo on your lunch break, your links show the skillz so represent it here ;p

ok lets get this started

first BW no halftones etc

<img src=“”>

greyish treatment

<img src=“”>

nice, nice! i like it! does the owner of know about this battle?

wait we are just submitting one concept? But with possible different color treatments correct correct? That was my next comment. maybe we should let the owners of that site know. I dont think I would ike people fooling with my logo in an open forum as big as this one…now that I think about it…But the battle is still a go for me


I realized that I should let you know that their is currently a friendly/for fun logo battle going on in battle forum.
This forum is useful for people developing graphic design skills and receiving feedback.

recently we needed a company/site to design new logos for…fans of your site suggested we work on gizmodo

I am hoping this is not taking the wrong way as a slight…it was just an interesting subject matter and thought to produce an equally interesting battle

the battle can be viewed

I am hoping that this is acceptable to you, hey its free advertising!

If not I will pull the contest down


no response yet

yes, one concept, as many treatments as you like.

You do realize that in the beginning of this thread we are looking fo rthe worst logo. And since we chose theirs, that kinda implies that theirs is the worst logo. Which kinda takes the friendly out of the contest in their eyes. I would imagine. but I could be wrong. Just approaching from my company perspective.

i would hope that my email would illustrate that we did not choose them out of having a bad logo

also as punk stated –

A few suggestions: - waikiki is way too cool to have an ugly website - cool site with not much of a logo

annnyways as far as liability their is none…it is a courtesy to send an email…lets focus on the battle ;p