Design battle anyone?

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed]Official thread is here

what do you propose for a logo battle. I may be interested in that…


I’d be interested in a logo battle.

ok logo battle it is…any idea on the specifics?

What if someone finds a really bad logo and we redo it?

thats an excellent idea…now where to find one…

you mean rip a logo? I was thinking someone make up a fictional company then we make a logo from scratch. I can replicate any logo to exact specs in about 5 seconds. So that would not be a very good battle.

I don’t think that me meant reproduce the logo, but look for a company that has an aweful logo and then design the company a better logo.

Ok, Ill start working on the rules, tentative for now:

Size: Any
Programs: Any
Number of Colors: open for discussion?
Logo Image: bad logo link
Rounds: 1
Entrants: DDD, MutedLogic, punkerton

• Open to ALL more the better
• Entrants can enter until we find a suitable logo to redo, once decided, no more entrants will be accepted
• Battle entry submission will end 1 week after entrant date is set

Yeldarb is correct, I am open to either one…if you can think of a good theme suggest it…otherwise the hunt for a bad log begins!

This is a good chance for one of our members that have a skeptical logo to get a good one designed for them. Maybe we should open it up to the members to suggest their logo be redesigned.

that could work…although check out this link

I would prefer to choose one of the non “big well knowned” logos, ie. no google etc…their are plenty at that link

worst logo ever:

often the treatment is the problem, but not the logo

personally I dont mind the plain old navy blue version

that version is makes me want to vomit ~_+

lol…there are some bad ones on that site muted…lol…The fitness one was terrible.

<img src=“”>
<img src=“”>
<img src=“”>


i swear i once designed something that looked like the CH energy group…

i say design very loosely, as if i remember right is was completely manipulated/layed out for me by some corporate suited moron. i wonder if the above logos suffered the same plight

A few suggestions: - waikiki is way too cool to have an ugly website - cool site with not much of a logo

those are both good…especially the gizmodo…i think it would be an interesting concept to design for