Design Critique - Performance review


I’m nearing the completion of a new site design and would appreaciate feedback and critiquing.
This is a personal type site, trying to display some FLASH use in a FULL FLASH site, while giving me a place to display some less proffessional pictures and articles than in a regular portfolio site.

It’s been a good place to practice a few ideas about sizing and loading seperate material; .jpg’s and .swf’s which has more to learn if you have any hints or suggestions on strategy.

Transition use and size / time contraints(performance issues), I am also curious about. Do those used seem smooth and working well among viewers to the site? Are the sounds offensive or too much/ too little?

Most areas have actual material, maybe not all correct yet, but used for the first few items of each section to create templates and spacing. The photos are incomplete, with really only samples in each group with comments yet to come.

Thanks for your input
Findal :ch:

PS. This site seems to take a processor hit when using FIREFOX to view the site via the html page. Especially in the photo albums and MAPS. It works fine in IE and as a swf loaded directly.
ANY IDEAS whats up with that??

I don’t like very much the graphics you used on it, but i like the concept.
Anyway it looks a bit amator to me, and I believe that if you start building this again from the begging, with all that you’ve practiced, it would be looking alot better.

Just to finish… forget that sounds… :wink:

yea those sounds are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to loud and annoying. nice concept although it lacks in design, and the usibilty stinks!

not bad but needs a ton of work, keep it up