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Tallahassee, Florida Web Design: -REPRESENT!

Whoa - that looks very kirupa-ish.

Nice job man. Love the colors and the graphics on that ;).

Reply Oops Wrong Section

please move to showcase - i know some of the guys that worked on it.

Very nice man. The only thing I’d change is make the light green text(such as the member login section) a little darker.

So that’s not your site?

It is a neat concept. I wish they would have had a professional photographer do the pics though, would have turned out less digital camera-esque.

What part of FL are you representing?
half of my company resides in Orlando.

no i accidentally posted it in the wrong area - sorry about that - i was over in cool sites thinking where’s my post and then it hit me - rough day at work - itchy mouse finger…“oh its in showcase.”

I’m in Tallahassee, same city they are in - originally from Tampa area - Zephyrhills -