Top Florida Design Firms?

Hey fellas,

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place…

What are the BEST design firms in Florida? I need to put together a list of them:)

Thnx in advance:)

Sean Mee
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I think the homie PRStudio and Simplistik work in Florida together. I think they are called taproot. Not sure if they are the best but those 2 together have to be bringing some serious heat in the Florida Area.

Isnt taproot also a band? How about eyewake?

[QUOTE=REEF·;1983858]Isnt taproot also a band? …[/QUOTE]

but here is Sim and nem.


but here is Sim and nem.[/quote]

Ugghhh :lol: don’t show them that :stuck_out_tongue: that site’s no good. We’re in the process of updating the site, and obviously the content though

:lol: but man… whew…

Aside from that WA007 is in Miami… and while their site is semi-antiquated they’re still a great firm IMO

gainin’ rep yo

[QUOTE=prstudio;1984365]gainin’ rep yo[/QUOTE]

lol…I was trying to get you guys some props on the under. Now people are going to know I spammed for you guys.

A good friend of mine and great designer in Orlando, FL.