Design Issues

hey all

im not too sure if this thread belongs in here but after reading through some of the posts i have a comment to make regarding design of these flash websites.

i see all these sites flashed up to the max with all sorts going on. I feel that people have lost the point of the whole ‘Website Design’ issue. Whats happened to the simple navigation areas, simple/well layed out content. yes i agree, flash and all the other web developing technology is good but only when used appropriately. I know a lot of people want to show off their flash skills and complex navigation systems but what good are these to the user?

I myself am a novice at flash and i am fully aware of its difficulty and havent created a flash site as yet but complex sites may look good but people are put off when they cant find the relevant info or find it difficult to understand.

really im just trying to highlight the point Stop over complicating websites to show of individual skill. A websitte which is user friendly to ALL people tend to be the most skillfull. Dont get me wromng im not arguing against flash websites, i would just like too see more of them being more user friendly.

well on that note …(/rant)