Designers / artists needed

Hello all,

although this isn’t a job offer as such, I have set up a portfolio site (free to join) that could help get exposure for designers and their artwork (leading hopefully to other opportunities)…

We also sell reproductions of designs and offer commissions

The site is called ukanvas -

Bear in mind that the site was contructed with the support of several people here, so thanks to all those who helped. We are in our infancy, so if anyone has any comments / suggestions, please let us know.

Come and have a look, and if you know anyone that would be interested, spread the word… I’m also trying to build in a bit of a community here, so feel free to link to us (we have a links section too)

Hope to see you soon


Sam Austin

I would love to join.
>how do i join?
>What are rwquirements?

I would also like to post some work, and i could help instal a PHPBB forum for you! How do I join?