Designers, Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

As a designer, I’d like to continue learning flash along with photoshop, special effects and 3D. Just get better and see what happens to these programs and where I can go with them.

I’d also of course like to build up a <good> portfolio, with sites that everyone can look at and realize they are interactive and full of crazy graphics. I’d also like a chance to talk to some of the big boys and get to know them. Maybe be better than some of them? We’re talking in 5 years…who knows. Maybe become semi-famous and help people develop their own style? Maybe have some people look up to me?

In 5 years, I’ll probably be at the end of highschool or the beginning of college, so I won’t have much time to do what I’d like to, but it’s just a thought.

What about you? What would you like to do within 5 years? What do you see yourself as?

(and don’t be scared to say something and think others will see it as a silly concept)

(and please post what you would like to do in design terms looks at wizard)


In five years I will have been done with college and playing Halo 4. That’s it…

Actually, I hope to have a job in web design/development. My friends and I talk about starting our own web design company… that would be great!

It’s hard to really say where I see myself.

In 5 years I see myself having moved to the states, and working for ILM with character animation or modelling :beam:

psch :stuck_out_tongue:

that requires an edu here in DK that costs roughly 32000 US$ :slight_smile:

and it takes 3,5 years… :slight_smile:

so… :frowning:

honestly in 5 years I see me back in the 3d arena a little more. Also my business ventre should be doing much better. So I should be on my way to being rich(er)…lol

good question, I now have 20 years so I see myself with my business adm diploma and hoping my small web design company reaches very high levels, I also expect to be not the one who do all the work, I want to give orders to my employees :slight_smile: , I dont know thats what I expect, health and LOTS of work and MONEY, yay! :slight_smile:

:thumb: Glad to see all of us want to make it big and want money :P!

I see myself having a small design firm with a bunch of pimply faced untalented hacks as my employees. :lol:

lol :thumb:

already there… How do I get out… :crying:
no seriuosly… in five years I hope my employer hires more people…
so I can have room to breathe

< donald trump voice >
Psych you whiny baby. You want room? You got it. You’re Fired!
< /donald trump voice > :lol: j/k

Rofl :crazy:.

be my own boss, have a studio, and a good name in the business!

I hope they will have released hl2 by then… And i hope by that time I can finally finish my projects :stuck_out_tongue:

puts hands together and praises god


in five years from now i hope to god i dont get married again, i even hope more not to have any more kids, after that umm i want to get paid at least 40g a year have a new car a house i can call my own, and have read the 3 maya books i purchased and get passed the 3 chapters ive read on the first book, learn some more AS, learn some more of combustion, keep lurking the kirupaforums and have probably 10,000 posts

And most of all i wish to overcome the disease called designers block, ya thats it oh and probably finish ver2 of my website which ive been working on since i finished my first site bout 2 years ago lol

Lets see how many of those things i can accomplish, hey 5 years aint much lol

I want to master actionScript and PHP, and also move more into other programming languages such as C/C#/C++/Java/etc and maybe get into a bit of 3d. But at this point, I’m thinking programming is the way I want to go rather than designing.

Hmm - get my MS in Electrical Engineering and Comp Sci. and work for either Microsoft, McKinsey, or any of the Top 3 brokerage firms :slight_smile:

…oh and use the site/forums to take over the world so you all kirupians can live happily ever after (awww!)

5 years… hmm finish v2 of my site… lol
[size=1]…nah that will take 6 years…j/k[/size]
in 5 years time, i see myself completing my diploma course in webdesign (e-commerce), working with a funky web/print company and keep doing jobs on the side.

will probably get back into 3d and motion graphics and try to develop many side projects i have in mind. eg: clothing label.

all above actually depends on the next few years, im really in a transitional period, i have many of my design friends who are already situated in the design world that are interested in setting up a design firm, so its all a little unclear at the moment, next year will be a lot clearer.

in 5 years I see myself attempting to make my footer 3D

in 5 years i see my self working working for some big company and makeing lots of money and driveing the most exsansive car (in 5 years) lol. also married to a wonderful lady. and i dont see my self havein kids and stuff. since i wel only be 21 i dont think i can handle a child at that time, ya my php skills well sky rocket by then and i mite have re did my site at one time lol. and then on top of all that i whould also own my 1st powerbook. its cool to see the furture:P