Desktop wallpaper battle! :D

Hello there. First of all there is no real prize for this battle, except knowing that your design will become the wallpaper of everysingle computer in my school :D.

Well here it goes. I have been asked to design/ask people for ideas/designs for a desktop wallpaper for all the school’s computers. No, if ur gonna ask, there is no money invloved on my end so its kinda a community service:P

The logo should appear on the image, and the main colour should be green with trims of white and black. The logo colours can only change as a whole i.e. if you change the colour, u have to change the whole logo’s colour.

Most importantly the wallpaper is going to be used in not just student computers, but admin and IT departments, so please keep the image appropriate (no way out there styles) . The schools main colour is green

Well thats about it. I will post the original wallpaper tommorrow when i get to school ( im on work experience)

Thanks very much If you would like to take part in this battle!
I know you will do well