Wallpaper Image Manipulation

Hey everyone,
I’ve never done a battle before, and I desperately need a newer wallpaper, so I figured I’ll slightly injure two large koalas with one stone by creating this battle.

Basically, here is the following desktop image that will be manipulated or modified suitable for a desktop: http://web.mit.edu/kirupa/www/1280.jpg

Is anybody interested?

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Yes, I will also try my hand at editing that image also. Never edited an image before, but I would bet it won’t look pretty!

EDIT2: If the entries are really good (which I am sure they will be), I’ll create a section on the site featuring official kirupa.com wallpapers designed by all of you!

right, well thanks to dessoya, here are mine… there should be 4 images, (one is a variation of another so basically 3) but i dont know if dessoya has uploaded the third/fourth one yet.


although my name is Eshan… not ethan… thats fine though (im indian lol)

Hey Dessoya, I like yours a lot. There’s a nice LOTR feel to it… :slight_smile:

Dessoya, didja upload my third one? (kirupawallpaper3.jpg)

ilyas… thanks a bunch mate… you can download the full sized paper in the work section of my website :wink: :smiley:

graphicslash: go check your pm buddy :thumb:


Hey graphicslash, you kinda jacked the style on your first one of mine. It’s all good though, better you getting the props instead of me.

hey is it too late for me to jump in?(-:
i wont be able to post one now, though, it’s getting late here.

ahhh yeah that is where i got the idea, sorry m8…

but i dont think too much of that one… the slogan is nice though… Flash the Darkness aint it? i solarized the stuff inside the lines… but you’ll notice it dont come off of a sun :slight_smile: but yours was nice m8.

question: when is the deadline? lets get to the votin’!

It’s a good thing you put that copyright at the bottom left hand corner of your work graphicslash. Someone might try to steal your idea. Come on man be original.

LOL, i didnt even notice i put it there, i just do that to most of my stuff to push away jackers y’know? lol, sorrrrryyyyyyy :goatee:

Alright - battle closed. I’ll get the voting page up shortly :beam: