Desperate Dumb Developer Dove Deep, Drowning

[COLOR=Navy]Hey all, first time posting, but I’ve found articles on Kirupa Extremely helpful over the last 2 FULL YEARS of developing my AS3 Application…

So, Everything works fine and all, But I’ve got some serious Performance issues. And need to make some progress in that department asap. I’ve several issues I suspect are problems, and I will outline the main one below. If anyone can shed ANY tips, that would be super appreciated, And also, If any expert on flash Performance techniques has time to Consult me directly, I’d be more than happy to paypal over a tip for your time.

Ok, Now, On to my issues as Simple and clear as I can explain them:[/COLOR]

ISSUE #1 (SOLVED!) I use a Library system of exported movieclips. Ex. I load objects.swf (one of many files) into my app, It runs through and checks for exported assets(O1,O2,O3…O1324), and makes a reference to them, Code below:

static var object:Array=new Array(); 
for (i=1; i<=30000; ++i) 
    if ("O"+i)) 

This system, has worked great, But now I just tracked down a 50% FPS drop to having have loaded lots of Exported movieclips into this object[] array.
I was certain that the Memory usage of storing lots of classes in this library array would be large. (I sit at around 30-70mb ram usage) But I had NO THOUGHT that there would be a performance hit :ex: . I am slightly terrified here, as I need to Fix this, yet, do not want to change the way my Asset Libraries are setup, since we are talking about roughly 6000 Exported movieclips in 20 various swf’s.

So, yeah… … . Anyone have ANY ideas, what on earth could be dropping my FPS by simply LOADING the Class definitions into memory like this.

(I know this is happening, because I test with a single library loaded, I get 25fps, I test again without changing ANYTHING else, And simply loading an additional 10 library files And it drops to 12fps, NONE of these movieclips are instantiated, or added to any display lists, nothing else happens to them beyond what you see above. )

[COLOR=Navy]Thanks so much to anyone who has any clue here[/COLOR] :cantlook: