Desperately in need of flash assistance.l

What can I do to reduce the size/increase the loading speed of my flash file? My sites always come out taking around a minute or two to load, and it PISSES ME OFF! hehe Thanks for the help guys

Use small music loops if you are going to have music (or dynamically stream it in with MX)

Optimize images as much as possible.

If you can easily not use an image in a situation, choose not to.

If you can reuse a symbol, do it, don’t create a new one. For example, if your buttons all have the same animation, but different text, you can easily drag an instance of the button itself from the library and place your text OVER the button symbol. This saves you multiple copies of the same clip.

I really shouldn’t be one giving advice on this since I have never really made a flash site, but these are some tips at least.


In addition to the previously mentioned ways to minimize a movie size.

You can optimize the drawings you are using i the flash movie by removing the jittering in the outline since these deformations increase the size of a flash movie.

you can check macromedia website there area lot of links concerning optimizing flash movies.

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