:-\ hi all
i want to know can anyone tell me how can i reduce the size of my flash movie?..
is there any software of flash which would reduce the size of flash movie …
please help me…
good day

Replace some tweens with AS Motion… duplicate your movie clips (like if all your buttons look the same, just make one button, and when you drag it on the stage, you can just put your text over it, this saves on file size because there is only one button).

Umm, if you must have sound, use small loops and small file sized sounds.

Don’t use too many imported graphics, they bog down the file size, especially .png images.

That’s all I can think of right now.

Loading content from external files will help when you first load the site. This way you don’t force th user to download everthing they can do it in parts. Here is a link on how to build a full flash site this way.

It is a MX tutorial but I think it all works in 5 also. If not here is onw on loading exteral SWF’s.

All of this techniques help reduce your size. Also use MP3 for sound and not WAV’s. This will also make your sound cleaner.

My whole portfolio site on first load is only 121kb. Everythng else is loaded externaly using the above techniques. GOOD LUCK:)

PS When you make a thread in the future you should be very clear in the title what the topic is. Some people will not respond to threads with titles like “help” or “please help me, Urgent”. This will greatly help your chances of reciving help. :slight_smile: