Desperately need some help with a MP3 Problem

Ok, here’s the deal. I have this video player, and I have an swf that I’m loading it, and an mp3 that I’m also loading at the same time. Then when the user hits play, they both start. This works fine.

My problem is the fast forward and rewind buttons. The way I have them setup for the swf is that there is an onEnterFrame handler that checks to see if the ff button is pressed. If it’s pressed, the onEnterFrame function adds two to the swf’s currentFrame property. It works great, but how do I fast forward the sound as well? I could calculate the milliseconds that the sound needs to start at by basing it off of the frame rate (36 fps) and the current frame. The problem is that the start function of the sound object only takes seconds.

Any thoughts on this?