Flash sound effects

Is there a way to slow down an MP3’s tempo using flash?

I tried and experiment on this earlier, trying to add a “fastforward” and a “rewind” button to a music player. The answer I found?

No. It’s pretty much impossible. Music files are seperate from frames in Flash, so it’s not like you can tell a movie clip with a sound in it to jump to frame 156 and it will skip ahead in the song. Same with what you want.

There is one ridiculously time consuming and space consuming method that occured to me, but it’s not worth it. If you were to divide a .mp3 file in to 1/24 of a second files, each one in a different frame, what I want would be possible.

For what you want, you could have another movie clip that contains the slowed down version of the song (meaning you could only really switch between the two tempos instead of using a scroller), but unless you cut up the song in 1/24ths of a second I don’t know of a way to make sure the slower file starts where the other one left off instead of from the start.

In other words, no. It’s impossible.