Desprately need help

Hey there everyone,
Havent been in here for some time, but good to see everyone is still helping out one another.

I have a problem,
I just got offered to make a website for a small company, they gave me a template on what they would like it to resemble. I am able to do everything that they asked for except one thing…

a drop down menu,

Now i dont need a complex drop down menu, just a good clean basic one. A drop down menu that is similar to the one in this URL:

I hope someone can help, thanks heaps…


I’m thinking about how to explain that. There are a couple of ways of going about it

Thanks Dave,
Is it hard?

Which ever way u think would be the easiest for me to understand would be much appreciated…

Thanks heaps,.

Well… I think to tell the truth, that it might be hard to explain either way. :slight_smile: I’ll work on it when I get home in an hour.

The best way is really the only way to go. This involves the use of local coordinates to detect mouse location… hence why it’s a little complex to explain… What I’ll do is make a small example clip and show you how to use it over and over again for each menu. I have been doing pretty well with menu systems so it shouldn’t take too long to create.

One question I have is… would you prefer that it smoothly transitions from the closed to the open state and back again, or do you like the instant open closed effect of that menu system that you showed as an example? As it stands… I prefer transitioning ones.

If you think the Transition is the better effect then can u please explain that one to me, (or do the example)…

Thank you so much,
Your helping me alot…


My email is:

[email protected]

if u wanna email me or send me the fla.file


I’ll post in here when I’m done, for you to download. I like to offer these things as open source to everyone if I can. :slight_smile:

I’m home now… and thinking about how to go about it. Be back in a bit

Hey dave,

Thanks once again,
:slight_smile: This would help me heaps…

In the menu, would you able to tell me how to link one of the drop down menus to another page…?
(does that make sence) … But only one button though, not all… just so i have better understanding about how to make a drop down menu and how to link it as well. :slight_smile:

By the way,
Do u have any site that you have done that are up at the moment? Just wanna see your work…

Thanks Dave

Jak… is active… even if it’s not completed yet. There’s a lot of content and stuff that I’m still working on, but it’s a good example of some of what I’m capable of.

As for the menu… sorry bout that. I hadn’t gotten much sleep this week and Friday turned into 14 hours of unconsciousness. :slight_smile: Didn’t really have time to work on it.

I guess my question for you, before I do this, is sort of related to what you’re asking. Namely… how are the sections of the site set up? Are they individual html pages for each section, or are you using loadMovie or loadMovieNum to load swfs into a Flash player, or is it simple gotoAndPlay() gotoAndStop() actions within a self contained swf?

It’s kind of important as far as how I approch setting a menu up.

click here

well basically what im looking at doing is have the homepage in flash with some drop down menus. In those drop down menu’s there are buttons and once clicked it sends the user to a html site or another swf.file

Which ever you u think would be easier, that would be the best for me. I dont know much about html, so my friend is going to create the links.

Come to think of it, i would rather it send to another swf if thats ok!

thanks heaps

On my many Web travels I came across this drop down menu you mite Be able to adjust to your own ends hope it helps. I’m working on MX now but saved in 5 any probs let me know.

         S Beck

Jakkata… have either of these two been useful? I’m slow going on your project and don’t want to hold you up needlessly… but am strapped for time these last few days. If you still need my submission, I’ll have it done by tomarrow, but if you no longer need it, let me know.


I have downloaded your fla.file but for some reason i cant see the menu’s on the stage when im trying to figure out how you did it.

Is there something im doing wrong?

Only the Sephiroth label is visible…



Yes i would still like your help and i would still like to see your fla.file…


Thanks Dave…


I seem to have no trouble with the file but I’ll post it again just incase I’ve sent it wrong !

   Regards S Beck

I see what you mean now sorry! The menu is all created with action script (not mine I’m Not that good) but you can alter the menu by changing the array’s in the first frame of action script. Just thought you mite be able to manipulate to your own ends. Dave looking Forward to seeing your project.

         Regards to you both  S Beck.

Me too. Sorry it’s taken a while. My C drive went down on me (It was a bit older) and it’s been causing me no end of trouble. I have to install my new one tomarrow… reinsall my os… all my programs, etc. Ugg.

Can you tell me how to make a pre_loader that’s not attached to the front of the movie I want to load. I have a gallery swf loading externally into level (10) of the main swf. I can’t put the pre_load on the gallery swf because the picture counter keeps counting the frames in the pre_loader scene. I’ve used the
Photoslideshow_style1 that comes with MX.Any help would be Appreciated

            Respect Regards S Beck