Detect and follow an object?

Hello flah masters, can you help me with this? I need to beable to detect and object or movie and allow another object/movie to follow that the first object/move but only moving up and down … not on the x-axis.\r\rCan anyone help me ??

I’m not sure I understand correctly. Do you want to make so that a clip follows the motion of another, but only in the _y dimension ? Or detect whether a movie clip only moves along the y axis, and then make your movie clip move acordingly ?\rI did the first possibility.\rpom 0]

hey pom…how did you get that mc to only move up and down? did you use restrain to rectange? and wut did you put for your variables if you did?

Sure you want me to tell you ?? I think I’ll just answer your other questions.\rNo, I didn’t use restrain to a rectangle, since I don’t even know what that is.\rI didn’t put any variables, except the usual properties like _y,… (I’m helping you now :smiley: )\rIt’s always more simple than you think…\r\rpom 0]

gotcha thanks pom

Happy to hear it !\rpom 0]

Yes i want it to beable to detect the movie clip when it is moving up and down… yeah i think i want it to move only up and down the y-axis (_y demensions) … like say a movieclip is moving around the screen, and on the side… movieclip2 moves only up and down. according to movieclip.

Like in the movie I posted ??\rpom 0]