Detect and follow another object

I need someone to help me with this… \r1. Need to be able to allow movie_clip2 to detect movie_clip1\r2. Allow movie_clip2 to follow movie_clip1 only in the _y axis\r\rthis is all i need help with for now !! but i would like anyone to suggest a better method if possible. \r\rcheers !!!

What do you mean, detect ??\rI believe Sinfiniti make a fla that looks like what you want. It’s a thread called Magnetic Branches.\rpom 0]

hmm… I was thinking that this person was refering to something a little different.\r\rTry this. Select movie_clip2 and enter this script in the action panel.\r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame){\rthis._y=_root.movie_clip1._y;\r}\r\rof course this is, if movie_clip1 is on the main timeline, and if it has an “INSTANCE” name of movie_clip1, as opposed to a library name of movie_clip1.

Thanx guys, all i need to know now is how to after i have made the the movie_clip2 follow the movie_clip1 now, but i want to know to make it go slower than the movie_clip1 ?? thanx for ur help guys … \r\rcheers

divide the second half of that statement by 2?

Slower like what ??\rAnd don’t listen to Jubba, he’s not Jubba and he’s tired. Put that code instead :

 onClipEvent(enterFrame) {\r\r    _y += (_root.movie_clip1._y - _y)/7 ;\r\r}

I hope you’ll trust me and not Jubba. And not ‘Not Jubba’, I mean. Dammit !\r\rpom 0]

lol thanks pom. yeah i need to stop giving people the wrong answers. once i have flash back i will stop because i will test the things before i post them.

hehe ok… thanks all … i’ll will be back if i have a probelm soon =) \r\rcheers again for the help !!

We appreciate attempts anyway Jubbaisdead… don’t let Pom get to you… he just thinks he’s top [email protected]$t cause he’s a mod now. :wink:

Yeah, well i was actually asking when I posted in response to that. POM DID YOU SEE THE ? AT THE END OF THE SENTENCE? That means the sentence is a question. I’m pretty sure its the same way in France;) j/k pom…

Ok, so next you’re gonna try to explain me that it was a socratic question, and that you were simply trying to make a point, and that nobody noticed ?? Is that it ?? (see ? I know ?'s :smiley: )\r\rpom 0]