Detecting and Installing Player from CD

I have a CD porfolio that is currently a bunch of files strewn around in allsorts of directories. Not very professional I will grant you, but I have an idea. I want to use Flash as the graphic front end to present my work. I want to know how the hell you would detect Flash Player 6.
And also, is it possible to install Flash Player 6 directly from the CD should the detector reveal that a person hasn’t got the dam.n thing.

Please help as I am kind of new to ActionScript. I’m really a designer truth be told. I really need some quiet time to study code but I thought I would ask you lovely people at Ultrashock!

Thanks to anyone who can help!

When you paste the same post on different message boards, at least remove the “ultrashock” … :frowning:

Two possibilities for your stuff: if you make it a standalone, that is an exe, no need for anybody to download anything, it’s self contained, and you can even make it autorun and customize it’s appearance with tools like SWF Studio, mProjector, or the flashjester tools…

If it’s html embedded, that means they do need the plug-in, and they need an internet connection to get it…difficult…