How can I include the Flash 6 player on a CD?

I need to have a flash animation in my PowerPoint which is going to a conference. The conference organisers will load it onto one of their laptops which means unless it has the flash 6 player loaded my swf file will not run. They are not connected to the internet of course so how can I get and include the player on my CD so they can install it?

The macromedia site seems to only allow internet installation, there are no stand alone files?



you can joust publish the file as a movie player .exe for pc an .whatever for mac=)

you obviously did not do enough research at MM… :-\

“Download the Standalone installer for either <a href=>Internet Explorer</a>, or for <a href=>Netscape-compatible</a> browsers. This can help resolve most other download or installation issues. For best results, download the installer to your desktop, and close the browser before running the installer.”


Thanks for the files. Where did you find it. I tried just about everywhere I could find on the MM site including right clicking every link to see if I could get it to save rather than open in a new window. The Flash installer seems to hide behind an HTML window and Download Accelerator Pro doesn’t see the file.

Thanks again

MM site, support, search for Flash Player… click… you’re there…


I tried that again. It takes me to the flash download site which is the Internet installer. As soon as I click on “Install Now” (left or right click) it opens a new HTML page which tells me I ahve succesfully installed Flash. Of course I have, this computer has Flash MX on it. What it doesn’t do is let me download the installer itself.

Even knowing the exact name of the file, and entering it into the FMM serach window didn’t work. It made DAP open up with an download site which was close to me. I still haven’t found the actual page on the MM site where this and other files reside. Lots of pages with updates, Flash for pocket PC etc, but nothing I can find with the file you directed me to. I cant even open the www.macromedia/go page where the file you directed me to resides.

Frustrating, and I have been a software engineer for 22 years!

I did a search on the MM homepage for Flash Player:

this is where I got the link…


U go to publish settings in flash and make it a projecktor, this means that the player is inside the flash file, and u dont need to intall a player=)


If you read the original thread, he asked how to include on a CD, in which he uses Powerpoint which has a swf inside the ppt presentation… so the projector will <u>not</u> work…