How can i make a seperate page on my site which only i can view and this page should tell me about who is visiting my site, their IP and node addresses etc. sometimes i will want to hide this page n sometimes i want to show it to the visitor not all of it just his/her IP and node address in order to refrain people from making fraudulent transactions and spamming etc. on my site. What is the simplest way of doing it ?


You can use javascript to pull that information from the HTTP headers, then continue to process the page based on whether or not those values match any from a set list saved in a array to make comparison easy with a loop.

You could also accomplish the same thing, perhaps a bit easier using a server side scripting language like ASP, PHP, etc. This would be a more secure method since you could code the page in such a way that it never even loads in the users browser if they are on the banned list.

Hi Abzoid, i don’t code, i use softwares for that n i can’t write codes in php/asp etc. can u tell me about some javascripts which i can copy/paste in my html code in order to get the desired result.
i just want to tell visitors on my site that i know their IP, name, browser and node address etc. to stop them from spamming n making fake transactions. how can i hide n show this page with results? what if i don’t want to show this page sometimes and sometimes i want to show this page to visitors ?

You can probably find what you need at one of these sites.

you might also want to try:

However, learning the code will allow you to modify it to your own needs…


Thanks people, i’ll try the links.