Developer-Designer. How can i simplify the process?

Hi all.

I recently got a job as a AS3 developer and enjoying it but im alone in the process.

Im not much of a designer but one of the guys in this small team is. We work remotely.

Is it possible for 2 people to share the same Fla? He is much better at animation than me, but i need to prepare the other graphical assets and link them to continue development. Right now, i must zip up the fla, email or post it to FTP… Its miserable because:

I run a preview swf which i must upload and send the link to
Changes need made to animation, so i must do the same thing with the fla
I cant touch the fla any more in any way
I get the fla back, reopen it, build the SWC and then go back to Flex to test it.

Im not used to working with people, but surely there is got to be a better way? It would be cool if my Flex Actionscript Project directory could be available to others.

Is this what a SVN is?

Anyways before i ask too many questions, can someone give me some google terms? Dont know what im looking for from a flash viewpoint.

Thank you :slight_smile: