Developing a ZUI - need help on stumbling block

So i am working on a project with my local fellow new-media artist here in Halifax, and he has asked me to develop a ZUI style interface for his newest project.

Basically, we are looking to develop something very much LIKE

But ours can be simpler… no need for the rotation (yet).

I am somewhat proud of having figured out how to get your view to center on the object you click. (as you can see in the attached FLA), but now i need to get the zooming part to work.

Cause right now i have the buttons (those X’s) sending the root action script a new destination to ease the housing movie-clip to. This easing engine does NOT like when scaling is added.

Suggestions as to how to go about this? I have been wresting for a while, and ANY feedback would be excellent!

Thank you.